HR Operations Support

While recruitment for the tech space remains our core focus, Dynamic Talent also provides our clients with a range of professional Human Resources services to assist with workforce planning and HR operations support.

Our support includes:

  • Labour legislation guidance and support
  • Performance management consulting and support
  • Induction programme design and implementation
  • Career pathing programme design and implementation

However, our involvement does not end there. We continue to support our clients through to exit interviews and reporting, which includes:

  • Exit interview design, facilitation and reporting
  • Feedback from exit interviews
  • Facilitation of quarterly reporting and alignment of talent function to strategic objectives
  • Ongoing reporting of key talent metrics (time to hire, cost of hire, quality of hire, retention and attrition rates, employee wellness, talent market and competitor analysis)
We understand the importance of solid project management. Excellent candidates require excellent candidate experience, and our big picture perspective ensures that your recruitment process is part of your professional HR offering and company brand experience.