What you might not be reading about Covid-19 & your HR obligations

What you might not be reading about Covid-19 & your HR obligations

Besides the advice circulating on social networking sites, we have picked out pieces of information that you really should know about Covid-19 but may not be aware of yet.

  • Share accurate information regularly. Now is not the time for communication to be held by one person. Choose your platform, mobilize & empower several senior team members to run with this. Make sure accurate info is distributed daily.
  • Communicate your business strategy and ANY change to operations, daily. Even if you are repeating yourself. Lack of communication and transparency destroys trust, and quickly thereafter productivity. Ensure the senior team is aligned in their messaging to avoid confusion and mixed messages.
  • Ensure your employees are aware that their anonymity will be protected should they contract or suspect themselves to have contracted Covid-19. If you are currently naming employees (even with good intention) it would be wise to stop. Reasons for an employee’s leave should not be disclosed to employees.
  • Will you pay them beyond their stipulated sick leave should they fall ill? Ensure this is not an area that is left grey unintentionally.
  • If essential business travel is needed and the employee falls ill, they are entitled to compensation under Worker’s Compensation legislation.

Leadership is being tested. And employees are taking notes.

The good leaders will be able to lead their organisation and their teams successfully through this time of uncertainty. But the excellent leaders will find ways to capitalize on opportunities to create an organisation that is united and adaptable. Here’s a quick checklist to help you determine where you currently sit.

  • Are you succinctly communicating a direction that is both inspiring and clear?
  • Are you able to utilize existing information and your own experience, to confidently and quickly make important decisions when so much is at stake? This is no time for fence-sitting.
  • Can you separate your emotions from the situation? Especially when important decisions are to be made.
  • Are you able to quickly (on the hour) change your approach, and perspective, for the next, best, right decision to be made?
  • Are you fully (emotionally, role-specific and logistically) supporting your teams as they transition through this uncertain and stressful period?

The future is being determined right now. The excellent leaders amongst us are rising, and they will be the ones that determine the success of their business and future talent attraction.

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